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Sunday Worship

8:15 & 10:45 am Services
9:30 am Sunday School & Adult Small Groups

Childcare & Sunday School

4150 Fishcreek Road
Stow, OH 44224

Map & Directions

Sermon Series

  • Next Chapter

    last-chapter-200x349Have you ever read a good book? I mean a book that you read purely for the pleasure of reading it. According to the National Endowment for the Arts well over half of us are reading a book purely for pleasure right now. A good story, a good book, keeps us reading. One chapter and another begins and the reading is excited to find out what happens next.

    The life of our church is like a book, telling our story with one chapter leading to another and then to another. The story began back in the late 1950’s when the leaders at Cuyahoga Falls United Presbyterian Church began talking about starting a church in Stow. It began when they followed God’s lead. I have been blessed to have served for more than half of our congregation’s 55 years. And as we move toward the end of my chapters, we look forward to the next. But before we can turn the page, I want to reiterate what I believe to be vital to our faith. I want you to be able to in the years to came, “Oh yeah. I remember Pastor David. He always talked about . . .”


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In the Library


Thank You Pastor David!


Over the years Pastor David has been very supportive of our Church Library. He has been a constant supporter and encourager, and with much appreciation I say, “Thank you!” One way that he has been a supporter is though his many generous donations. This partial list is in order of their donation to the library. Here are some of the many items that we have in the Church Library because of his giving spirit:



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Pastor's Pen

  • Turning the page

     It’s been said that life is like a book. Some chapters are sad, some are happy, and some are exciting. But if you never turn a page, you will never know what the next chapter holds. 



Pastor's Puppets

  • Pastor and Friends

    I like to deliver the children's sermon from time-to-time with the help of my friends.

    God bless and thanks for letting me “vent.” -- David


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