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Church Library

Thank You Pastor David

Over the years Pastor David has been very supportive of our Church Library. He has been a constant supporter and encourager, and with much appreciation I say, “Thank you!” One way that he has been a supporter is though his many generous donations. This partial list is in order of their donation to the library. Here are some of the many items that we have in the Church Library because of his giving spirit:

Main Library:

The interpreter's Bible [220.6/Abi] (Set of 12 volumes in the reference section, not to be check out.) The Holy Scriptures in the King James and Revised Standard Versions with general articles and introduction, exegesis, exposition for each book of the Bible.

Teaching to change lives [268.6/Hen] by Howard G. Hendricks. The author helps teachers apply the principles of learning that will unleash their effectiveness as communicators of Biblical truth.

Just as I am : the autobiography of Billy Graham [B/Gra] by Billy Graham. Graham looks back at his life with down-to-earth warmth and candor, remembering his dairy farm upbringing, his early preaching experiences, and the overwhelming international response to his public ministry based on his unshakable belief in Christ.

Think like Jesus : make the right decision every time [248.84/Bar] by George Barna. This book presents a step-by-step program for making every choice consistent with God's principles and commands.

In light of eternity : perspectives on heaven [236.24/Alc] by Randy Alcorn. Spend time thinking about eternity and your future heavenly home, and worries about monthly bills, retirement accounts, and careers will begin to fade. That's Alcorn's wake-up call, don't waste today by misunderstanding tomorrow's reality.

Who's the dummy now? [B/Fat] by Terry Fator. Terry Fator overcame many odds: an abusive father, a peripatetic and isolated childhood, and decades of struggles, before winning America's Got Talent. This is the story of the man with the million dollar voice.

Chronology of commitment : a history of Great Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America, Akron, Ohio [369.43/Wey] by David Weyrick. This history of the Great Trail Council chronicles commitments of individuals through past events capturing one event per month in the nearly one hundred year history of one of the nation's premier Boy Scout Councils.

The key to the kingdom : unlocking Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom [F/Dix] by Jeff Dixon. Loyalty to faith, family, and friends are stretched to the extreme in a pulse quickening adventure through a magical place where dreams really do come true.

Money matters in church : a practical guide for leaders [254.8/Mal] by Aubrey Malphurs. Create a culture of giving in your congregation with this practical, biblically based guide to handling church finances. Malphurs and Stroope show pastors and lay leaders without a business background how to develop donors, maximize contributions, enact effective budget and audit plans, project income and expenses, work with banks, compensate staff, and address debt.

Molder of dreams [B/Dou] by Guy Rice Doud. The encouraging and discouraging messages Guy received about himself taught him that we all mold one another's dreams. We all hold each others' fragile hopes in our hands. We all touch others' hearts.

Come on in and check it out.


Sometimes I am asked “What is new in the library?” The answer varies by your definition of new. Do you want to know what was most recently added to the library or do you want to know what materials have the latest copyright date in the library? The answer at this time to the last part of the question is … 62 materials with a copyright of 2014 and 7 with a copyright of 2015. There is a multi-page listing of the c2014 available in the main library. Here is a listing of the c2015 materials:

Main Library:

Pray for the world [266 Man] by Jason Mandryk. This book offers vital information about each country that will help you pray specifically for its needs. (Very interesting to look up your country of origin, and at this time Latvia.)

Conversations with St. Bernard [F Kra] by Jim Kraus. George Gibson is determined to check off the last item on his bucket list: a trip across America. He hops in his RV to visit, and sketch, the buildings and places across America that he and his wife never got to see. His daughter suggests George adopt a St. Bernard named Lewis as a traveling companion. The dog even fits perfectly in the sidecar of George's Vespa motor scooter.

The third target [F Ros] by Joel C. Rosenberg. When New York Times foreign correspondent J.B. Collins hears rumors that an al-Qaeda splinter cell--ISIS--has captured a cache of chemical weapons inside Syria, Collins knows this is a story he must pursue at all costs. Does the commander of the jihadist faction really have the weapons? If so, who is the intended target? The U.S.? Israel? Or someone else? With tensions already high, the impending visit of the American president to the region could prove to be the spark that sets off an explosion of horrendous proportions.

Miracle at the Higher Ground Café [F Luc] by Max Lucado. After a public split from her NFL superstar husband, Chelsea takes a bold step out of the limelight and behind the counter of the Higher Grounds Café, an old-fashioned coffee shop in dire need of reinvention. But when her courage, expert planning, and out-of-this-world cupcakes fail to pay the bills, this newly single mom finds herself desperate for help. Better yet, a miracle.

Children’s Library:

The proud chicken [C226.8 Joe] by Mike Joens. Chadwick is a very proud rooster who loves to sing and wants everyone to listen and look at him. But all the other animals in Theo's barn are sick and tired of his bad attitude. So Chadwick leaves. On his travels, he finally finds someone who appreciates his talents, a singing, performing traveling group of pheasants. They love his voice and they love his feathers and they want him to sing, non-stop. Soon Chadwick grows hoarse and finally loses his beloved voice, and he is abandoned by the pheasants. Will Chadwick learn the important lesson of being too proud?

Teen Library:

You have a brain: a teen's guide to think big [T248.83 Car] by Ben Carson. Growing up, renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson faced many challenges: abandonment by his father, trouble at school, the turbulence of inner-city Detroit, and violent temper. But instead of letting his circumstances control him, Dr. Carson discovered eight principles that turned his future upside down. In You Have a Brain, Dr. Carson gives students an inspirational look at the transformative philosophy that helped him meet life's obstacles and leap over them, motivating teens to think big, dream big, and break free of any fear that holds them back.

Come on in and check it out.

Librarian's Prayer

Several years ago a leader at a library conference meeting prayed the following prayer by an unknown librarian.


Grant me the serenity to accept that the book is lost forever;

The courage to refuse to loan when there’s an overdue book; and

The wisdom to know when it’s time to take a break.                 


Last year I spent March and April taking a break…in Georgia, Florida, and the Caribbean…with friends and family. While away I am always looking for good bargains for the Church Library. Here is a listing of some of the 55 great materials, with the retail price and purchase price that was bought and added to our library collection:

Main Library

What if Jesus had never been born? [232.9/Ken] by D. James Kennedy, D. James. Retail: $22.99. Purchase price: $0.00.

The Divine Visitor : what really happened when God came down [232.96/Hay] by Jack W. Hayford. Retail: $18.99. Purchase price: $1.99.

Remembering your story : creating your own spiritual autobiography [248.84/Mor] by Richard L. Morgan. Retail: $14.00. Purchase price: $0.00.

Catching fireflies : teaching your heart to see God's light everywhere [248.843/Cla] by Patsy Clairmont. Retail: $16.99. Purchase price: $1.99.

Celtic parables : a book of Celtic courage, hospitality, humor, and holiness [891.6/Van] by Robert Van de Weyer. Retail: $11.00. Purchase price: $0.99.

The coin conspiracy (Church choir mysteries series) [F/Chu/Ber] by Eileen M. Berger. Retail: $13.95. Purchase price: $2.00.

Children’s Library (BB = board book, ER = easy reader)

The resurrection eggs : Miss Patty Cake open up the wonder of the Easter story [BB/C263.93/Tho] by Jean Thomason. Retail: $6.99. Purchase price: $0.99.

Veggie Bible dictionary [C220.3/Veg] by Cindy Kenney. Retail: $14.99. Purchase price: $1.99.

Knowing God : a sing & remember book [C231/Elk/CD] by Stephen Elkins. Retail: $14.99. Purchase price: $0.50.

The cherry blossom tree : a grandfather talks about life and death [C236.1/God] by Jan Godfrey. Retail: $9.99. Purchase price: $0.50.

Favorite Bible verses [C242.5/Kin] by Thomas Kinkade. Retail: $3.99. Purchase price: $0.50.

Badger's Easter surprise [C263.93/Par] by Alan Parry. Retail: $15.00. Purchase price: $0.99.

God made the world [ER/C221.9505/Sim] by Mary Manz Simon. Retail: $6.99. Purchase price: $0.99.

Jesus is with us [ER/C225.9505/Sim] by Mary Manz Simon. Retail: $6.99. Purchase price: $0.99.

Teen Library

Dare 2 share [T248.5/Sti] by Greg Stier. Retail: $12.99. Purchase price: $0.75.

Co Come on in and check it out.

A Time of Preparation

The season of Lent is a good time to reflect on your personal faith and what following Christ is all about. Look at Christ through Christian author’s eyes in books from our Church Library. Here are some suggestions for you to consider:

Main Library:

Lent and Easter, prayer at home [242.34/Boy] by Mark G. Boyer. Each chapter contains a brief   scripture passage, a prayerful     reflection, meditation questions, a prayer drawn from the Psalms, and a concluding section called Memories which invites us to create a journal with the stories and practices of Lent and Easter in our homes as a family heirloom. These thoughtful reflections and suggestions help readers connect with God through deeper prayer and journal keeping.

Watching the Disciples : learning from their mistakes [242.34/Gor] by Mary Jane Gorman. Examining the mistakes of the Twelve can help us to assess our own discipleship in order to see where it may need strengthening. During these weeks of Lent, as we join the Twelve in their on-the-job-training to become disciples of Jesus, we hope to find guidance for our pilgrimage.

The Lord's Prayer for Lent [242.34/Gun] by Vern Gundremann. Let the Lord's Prayer guide you through Lent in this daily devotional that highlights a petition each week. Using the Lord's Prayer as a framework will help you focus on ideas and practices that are integral to this sacred season, such as the holiness of Christ, the kingdom of God, divine will, forgiveness of sins, resisting temptation and avoiding evil.

40 Days with Jesus : celebrating His presence [242.34/You] by Sarah Young. Written from Christ's viewpoint, this compilation of bite-sized devotions will draw you closer to our Savior as you travel with him through Lent, mourn his death, and celebrate his resurrection.

Children’s Library:

Footsteps to the Cross [C242.34/Hov] by Stephenie Hovland. Read about following Jesus to the cross with a daily Bible verse, short paragraph of explanation, and question or prayer. We can follow Jesus and be his disciples.

Countdown to Easter [J242.34/Gei] by Ruth Geisler. The daily devotions in this booklet lead children and their families through the days of Lent as we look forward to Jesus' miraculous resurrection. The devotions are based on the last year of Jesus' ministry. As families follow Jesus on his journey to the cross and open tomb, they can live out his love by doing the daily activities together.

The Year 'round Holiday Book : it's a God thing! [J394.2/Rue] by Nancy Rue. Discover some new and interesting facts about some of the most celebrated days of the year. See how holidays are more than just days off from school. Many of them have a deeper spiritual meaning.

Teen Library:

He Chose You [T232/Luc] by Max Lucado. Combines passages from the author's book, "He Chose the Nails", with stories which explore Christ's love for human beings as evidenced in various aspects of his Crucifixion.

The Case for Christ [T232.908/Str] by Lee Strobel. Strobel retraces his journey from skepticism to faith as he consulted expert testimony and sifted through the truths from history, science, psychiatry, literature, and religion that made a strong body of evidence in the case for Christ.

Have I Got News for You! : how to talk about Jesus without dying of embarrassment [T248.5/Rob] by Duffy Robbins. Youth speaker Duffy Robbins will show you how to share Christ with your unsaved friends. Using plenty of stories and humor he answers common questions, and keeps things short and to the point.

Come on in and check it out.


In our new sermon series we will learn the biblical truth of specific sins and the hope we have of forgiveness. The following lists of materials will lead us into more about believer’s hope in the saving grace through Jesus Christ:

Main Library:

Grace : more than we deserve, greater than we imagine [234/Luc] by Max Lucado. Grace gives you the freedom to love the unlovable, and forgive the unforgivable, because you know how much you're loved, and know how much you've been forgiven.

Dirty God [234/Moo] by Johnnie Moore. Discover how Jesus fulfilled His mission of making our dirty world clean, by getting dirty, taking on our earthiness and getting in the trenches of our sin, so we could be free.

The grace of God [234/Sta] by Andy Stanley. An in-depth study of grace which is a foundational pillar of our faith and essential for every believer.

One way love : inexhaustible grace for an exhausted world [234/Tch] by Tullian Tchividjian. The world doesn't offer us rest, but God does! Transforming the perception of Christianity as a vehicle for good behavior, and the judgmental feelings that result from it, into a way for those who have failed to discover the love of Christ, Tchividjian calls for believers to abandon our play-it-safe religion and embrace the power of God's unflinching grace.

Landmines in the path of the       believer [241.5/Sta] by Charles Stanley. Dr. Stanley addresses nine primary landmines that every   Christian must identify and defuse in order to live a victorious life.

Grace givers : amazing stories of grace in action [242/Jer] by David Jeremiah. Heartwarming and powerful true stories of people who have reached out to their world with incredible acts of self-sacrificing     service.

Lipstick grace : glimpses of life, love, and the quest for the perfect lip gloss [242.643/Ken] by Nancy Kennedy. This collection of musings on faith, mercy, grace, and hope will have you pondering deep and laughing hard. Enjoy theology dressed in blue jeans and flip-flops for everyday wear!

Children’s Library:

Even fish slappers need a second chance [C234.5/Met] by Eric Metaxas. Children will discover that God is a God of second chances in this funny, rhyming VeggieTales spin-off from the story of Jonah.

Why do I do things wrong? [C234.5/Nys] by Carolyn Nystrom. This book takes children back to the very beginning and explains why everyone sins. Children will learn about     forgiveness and how to obey God.

Mr. Henry's wild & wacky Bible stories : 13 complete videos on 3 DVDs [DVD/J241.4/Per] by Frank Peretti. Your kids will love Mr. Henry, the delightfully discombobulated substitute Sunday school teacher! In these 13 zany episodes, Mr. Henry (Frank Peretti) makes the Bible come alive in fun, unique ways for all kids and ages! He uses scripture references, Bible stories, games and puzzles to teach youngsters unforgettable lessons about obedience, courage, prayer, helping others, respect, salvation, fear, faith,     jealousy, self-esteem, miracles, angels, and forgiveness.

Teen Library:

Luggage [DVD/234.5/Bel] by Rob Bell. This drama shows that forgiving isn't something you do for someone else to let them off the hook for hurting you, it is about being free from these wounds like God created you to be.

Wild grace : what happens when grace happens [T248.83/Luc] by Max Lucado. Inviting teens on an exciting adventure of self-discovery, Lucado shows them that even though their lives may be messed up or off track, God can transform them from the inside out and inspire them to share his amazing love with others.

Come on in and check it out.


Main Library:

Love does : discover a secretly   incredible life in an ordinary world [248.5/Gof] by Bob Goff. Goff shares remarkable stories from his life and shows how living and loving to the fullest is the best way to make Jesus known in this world.

Just walk across the room : simple steps pointing people to faith [248.5/Hyb] by Bill Hybels. Step out of your comfort zone! Pastor Hybels shows you how to follow Jesus' model of personal evangelism by "living in 3-D", developing friendships, discovering stories, and   discerning appropriate ways to   approach others about Christ. Learn how to share the good news of   redemption with people living far from God, and across the room.

How to share your faith [248.5/Lau] by Greg Laurie. The author offers suggestions for sharing Christ that include how to build a bridge, how to avoid arguments, how to use Scripture properly, and how to present Jesus as the only way.

Going public with your faith : becoming a spiritual influence at work [269.2/Pee] by William Carr Peel. How to take evangelism out of the religious box and weave it into your life at work.

Children’s Library:

Power-packed promises! : from God to me, from me to God [C248.82/Hol] by Andy Holmes. A collection of devotionals that rivet children's attention while equipping them for power-packed Christian living demonstrated with simple signing exercises.

Made for a purpose [C248.82/Mac] by Dandi Daley Mackall. Since her mother left, C.J. Jones does not do friends and does not smile, but as she builds sandcastles and dreams of becoming an architect, she notices a group of neighborhood children who invite her to play with them and tell her about God.

God's little instruction book for kids [C248.82/Saw] illustrated by Julie Sawyer. Like lollipops and jellybeans, this book is filled with tasty tidbits of wisdom and delicious nuggets of scripture all wrapped up in delightful illustrations. But unlike sugary sweets, this book is good for kids.

Teen Library:

We have recently moved all the teen books downstairs to the Teen Library, instead of having half of them in the Main Library divided by copyright date. We hope you use it often and find something interesting to read. FYI: teens are always   welcome to use materials from the Main Library.

Have I got news for you! : how to talk about Jesus without dying of embarrassment [T248.5/Rob] by Duffy Robbins. Youth speaker Duffy Robbins will show you how to share Christ with your unsaved friends. Using plenty of stories and humor he answers common     questions, and keeps things short and to the point.

Dare 2 share [T248.5/Sti] by Greg Stier. Handy "field guide" format for quick reference. Shows teens how to tell where there is spiritual receptivity. Provides a practical tool for defending your faith. Discusses   different witnessing "styles."     Includes a section on "Frequently Asked Questions."

The gifted sophomores : a novel [TF/Bla] by Terri Blackstock. After being pulled from the rubble of an earthquake, three socially mismatched teens are given supernatural gifts that make them an evangelism task force that     cannot be stopped.

Come on in and check it out.

Soaring to new heights

Continuing to serve as the volunteer director of the Ministry of the Christian Resources is an honor and joy.

With our four children grown and on their own, Kenneth and I have more free time in retirement.

I was called into doing library ministry at our previous church by the Director of Christian Education that needed an upset card catalog drawer re-alphabetized. Once that task was completed, that church library was in need of a librarian to re-organize and re-open that ministry. I learned a lot in completing those tasks and trained a young couple to continue that library before we moved our church membership.

When we joined Stow Presbyterian Church, Pat Saunders was serving as your librarian and was praying for someone that knew how to run a church library to become a member and help her. God brought us together and my service began. Over the years I have been blessed to have helpers including: Ruth Wilson, Carole Jegley, Sylvia Trundle, and Martha Henry. I appreciate all the help that our current library committee provides: Louise Mulligan, Diane Foglesong, Linda Geopfert, and Elaine Williams. I am grateful that God continues to provide new volunteers, new resources, new ideas, and new outreach opportunities. I thank each of you and Pastor David for your loving support.

The gifts presented during the service on September 21st are on display in the Church Library.

Come on in and check it out.

We Believe

Pastor David’s new sermon series will explain sections of the Apostles’ Creed. Come, learn the Apostles’ Creed and what it means. To further help you in your understanding the Church Library has several books. Please note that these materials will have a one-week loan period during this sermon series.

Main Library:

The Apostles' Creed: Beliefs that Matter [238.11/Bri] by Stuart Briscoe. The author's goal is to help Christians gain a better understanding of the Creed's timeless truths and deepen a commitment to historic Christian faith.

Basic Training: Plain Talk on the Key Truths of the Faith [238.11/Spr] by Robert C. Sproul. R.C. Sproul gives a concise explanation of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. Excellent for those teaching church membership, confirmation or communicant classes.

Children’s Library:

The Apostles' Creed [C238.11/Gim] by Jim Gimbel. This picture book is intended to help parents and educators teach children the words of the Creed and encourage them to say it in worship and at home. Presented in three sections, the book clearly and distinctly describes God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit and the attributes and characteristics of each.

Teen Library:

We have recently moved all the teen books downstairs to the Teen Library, instead of having half of them in the Main Library divided by copyright date. We hope you use it often and find something interesting to read. FYI: teens are always welcome to use materials from the Main Library.

Come on in and check it out.

Great Prayers of the Bible

This summer’s sermon series has and will help us in our prayer life. This month we will consider some of the great prayers of the New Testament, and we can understand and follow these biblical examples in our personal and corporate times of prayer.

Main Library:

Pray the Scriptures Bible: God's Word translation [220.5/GW] Bible. God's Word Translation (GW) accurately translates the meaning of the original biblical texts into clear, everyday language. Author Kevin Johnson presents an approach to the power of biblical prayer by offering Scripture-specific prayers written to be read and prayed alongside the Scriptures that inspired them. Readers will pray with more confidence, learning to apply Scripture to their lives and pray words they know God will hear.

This Bible is new to our Church   Library and is a very good resource to use as described above. Here are several quotes:

Luke 18:9-14 – I can never do enough good acts to get right with you. You’re simply not impressed. Be merciful to me, a sinner.

John 17:9-14 – Pray for us. Keep us safe through your powerful name, and don’t let any of us be lost. Give us every bit of your joy.

Colossians 1:9-12 – Fill me with insight into your will so I can live a life that proves I belong to you and please you in every way. Strengthen me to patiently endure everything with joy.

Children’s Library:

The Barber who Wanted to Pray [C248.32/Spr] by Robert C. Sproul. One night after family   devotions, Delaney asks her father to teach her to do better at prayer and he relates the story of Master Peter, a sixteenth-century barber who made the same request of Martin Luther.

I Can Talk with God [C248.32/And] by Debby Anderson. Explains that prayer is talking with God and we can do it anywhere or any time.

God Listens when I Pray [C248.32/Luc] by Max Lucado. Hermie the caterpillar and his garden friends are reminded that God always listens and always helps His children.

Prayers for Boys [J242.82/All] by Herbert C. Alleman. A collection of short prayers for all occasions, written especially for boys.

Teen Library:

Stuff You Don't Have to Pray About [T248.83/She] by Susie Shellenberger. Includes stories of contemporary teens as well as contemporary retelling of Bible stories and personal application. Each chapter list suggestions for things for which to pray.

We have recently moved all the teen books downstairs to the Teen Library, instead of having half of them in the Main Library divided by copyright date. We hope you use it often and find something interesting to read. FYI: teens are always welcome to use materials from the Main Library.

Come on in and check it out.

Using the Library


Our expanded church library is open when the church is open and anyone can check out materials. Here's how: 

Select materials you wish to borrow. Remove the circulation card and write in your name (and phone number if not a church member).Then place card in the check out box.

Books may be checked out up to 3 weeks; all other materials 1 week. When returning materials, place them in the top drawer of the lateral file cabinet marked "Returned materials."


Tips for Selecting Children's Books


Parents, here are some tips for helping your child select books appropriate to his/her reading level:

Have your child read the first page or two of the book. Ask  them to hold up 1 finger for every word they don't know. If they hold up 5 fingers while reading, consider this a "read it to me" book, rather than a book to read on their own. If they hold up only 2-3 fingers, you've found a "just right" book.

Meet Joyce Kight


Joyce Kight, our director of Christian resources, manages one of the largest Christian lending libraries in the area. She has spent over 30 years in library ministry (nearly 20 of them with us!), sharing her love of God and books and supporting congregational libraries. Read Joyce's story.

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