Stow Presbyterian Church

...Know, Grow, Go, Show, Sow

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Introducing Us…

We are Presbyterian, from the Greek term meaning “elder,” which means we are governed by the Pastor and a group of Elders chosen from the congregation. Among the many branches of Christianity, we follow Reformed theology which teaches that God has all authority, that persons can pray directly to Him, and that we are granted eternal life with Him through Jesus Christ. We stress the importance and authority of the Bible in our preaching and ministry.

Our History


Our church was founded in 1960 as a "daughter" of United Presbyterian Church in Cuyahoga Falls. We are blessed to still have some of our charter members worshiping with us. The first meetings of our congregation were held in the gym of Woodland Elementary School. The original sanctuary was completed in 1962 and doubled as a fellowship hall.

Over the years we have developed many different worship styles, faith education programs, mission fields, and church life activities to help people connect more deeply to Jesus Christ, our Savior, and to come to accept His forgiveness and salvation. In all of this, our focus is the Bible and our faith in God Almighty.

Dr. David Weyrick joined us as pastor in 1992 and has faithfully led us and helped us grow from a congregation of 30 people to one of nearly 300.

A fellowship wing was added to the building in the 1990s. Our new worship center wing was completed in 2008. The design of our new building very closely matches the master design for the building crafted by our founders, and we are pleased to have been able to bring their vision to fruition.

After several years of prayerful discussion, the congregation voted to disaffiliate with the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 2006. We now operate as an independent Presbyterian church.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a church where lives are transformed so persons can KNOW Jesus Christ and GROW in their faith in order to GO outside the church building and SHOW His love through words and actions to SOW seeds to change lives for His Kingdom. In other words: we want you to connect to God in a meaningful way so that you will be moved to connect to others in His love.

The most important thing you can do at our church is establish a relationship with Christ. That is what it means to be a Christian.

Our Vision

The Vision of Stow Presbyterian Church is to: establish and sustain a worship, education and discipleship center to train and support biblically thinking Christians, in order to assertively equip them for the mission of the church and to develop within them a passion for ministry

Our Logothumb_Tree_logo_for_web_color

The cross in our logo signifies the life we have in Him and that He is the foundation of all we do. The leaves represent the five aspects of our mission statement: To help persons KNOW Christ and GROW in their faith in order to GO outside the church building and SHOW His love through words and actions to SOW seeds to change lives for His Kingdom. This is the framework on which we connect everything we do.

Our Discipleship



In our Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs), you can make friends and discover ways to improve your relationships, your perspective, and your sense of purpose. This is where you can dig deeper into questions about faith and life. We invite you to explore several to find one that fits.

We also offer several fellowship events each year to help you get to know others in our church family...because the journey is better when in good company!


Teens need to build healthy relationships and make confident choices, but often feel church is irrelevant. Our Teen programs are designed around friendships, fun, and engaging discussions to help teens see the value that faith in Jesus Christ can bring to their lives.


Children are welcome here! Our nurseries are clean, safe, and staffed with loving workers. Our Children’s programs focus on helping kids at every age develop an understanding of God and the Bible using their senses, creativity, and imaginations. And our summer VBS program is an exciting week of Christ-centered fun!

Sacraments and Ordinances


We celebrate the Sacraments of Baptism and Communion because both are stressed by Jesus Christ in the Bible. We baptize both infants and believers (older children and adults) and recognize all other Christian baptisms as long as they were administered in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We celebrate the Lord's Supper (also known as Communion or the Eucharist) once a month.  We believe the Lord's Supper brings us into the spiritual presence of God.

We have two additional practices or "ordinances."  Infant dedication is an option for parents who prefer to wait until their child is older to be baptized (after they have accepted Christ as their own Lord and savior). We also practice Foot Washing on the Thursday before Easter, based on the example given to us by Christ at the Last Supper.

Other Ministries


Creative Arts

If you love to praise God in music, we have several options for you to become involved in our Music and Puppets ministries. 

Mission and Outreach

Improving the lives of others is one way we believe we find fulfillment and purpose. You’ll find our church is deeply committed to bringing the hope and love of Christ to others—our neighbors, our coworkers, our communities, and our world—through our resources and actions.

Eleven percent of our church income goes right back into local outreach and worldwide Mission causes. We also organize several special projects and at least two domestic mission trips each year.

Church Library

We offer one of the largest lending libraries of Christian books, DVDs, and study resources in the area. The Church Library has lots of materials for adults and children and is open to anyone whenever our building is open.

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