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Sunday Worship

8:15 & 10:45 am Services
9:30 am Sunday School & Adult Small Groups

Childcare & Sunday School

4150 Fishcreek Road
Stow, OH 44224

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Sermon Series

  • Give It Up

    Give it up 200x259

    Not Just Forty Days, But Forever: Many believers give up certain things for the forty days of Lent. Yet, after Lent, that which they gave up quickly returns as a habit or enjoyment. Yet there are things God wants believers to give up that go beyond just chocolate or pizza. 

    God wants believers to give up aspects of their lives…forever.

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In the Library


Librarian's Prayer


Several years ago a leader at a library conference meeting prayed the following prayer by an unknown librarian.


Grant me the serenity to accept that the book is lost forever;

The courage to refuse to loan when there’s an overdue book; and

The wisdom to know when it’s time to take a break.                 






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Pastor's Pen

  • To My Beloved Congregation...


    As you know, our current Lenten theme is “Give It Up.” On Sunday March 1, I spoke about giving up control because God is in control.

    Because God is in control, and   because we are God’s church, it is time for me to move on. I am retiring from full-time pastoral ministry in May 31.


Pastor's Puppets

  • Pastor and Friends

    I like to deliver the children's sermon from time-to-time with the help of my friends.

    God bless and thanks for letting me “vent.” -- David

Trip Thoughts

  • Trip Thoughts

    I enjoy traveling; seeing and experiencing new places around this great country of ours.  I also like to think about God’s presence in what I’m seeing and experiencing.  Join me in my travels as I share my video “Trip Thoughts” with you. -- David



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